Acumen Health launches in April 2018

Acumen Health has launched! Visit our new website

Injury Treatment Pty Ltd – and associated brands Accelerait; Wise Therapy and ROSH – will begin trading as Acumen Health in April 2018.

This new simple name and brand has been chosen to reflect our simplified business and our renewed focus on providing person centred care.

Internal changes to our operating model and structure have made it easier for our clinicians and professionals across the country to keep doing what they do best – prevent and mange illness and injury.

Acumen Health, the company continues to work with all existing customers and stakeholders in the same capacity across the same jurisdictions and schemes.

There are no changes to any existing contracts or service level agreements and key internal contacts and support persons remain the same.

The changes we have made simply enable us to utilise our existing infrastructure; systems and processes in a more integrated and streamlined way, which will lead to better outcomes for all of our clients and customers.

Injury Treatment Pty Ltd, Accelerait, Wise Therapy and ROSH form part of the Generation Health group of companies, and Acumen Health will remain part of this group.

To coincide with the launch of Acumen Health in April – and to further simplify business practices – all Generation Health businesses (with the exception of Interact Injury Management) will move to a email address.

The Generation Health brands are displayed in the visual below.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the following people:

Acumen (Injury Treatment/Accelerait/Actif-Rosh)
Georgie Blundell 0435 355 826

Wise Therapy
Sam Peek 0476 818 419

Wellness Therapy
Kylie Patchett – 0436 407 640 (LiveWell services)

Laura Eyles 0404 351 345

David Hughes 0409 994 709

Or email ; phone 1300 436 432.