Privacy Policy

Protecting your privacy and the confidentiality of your personal and sensitive information is important to us, as it is fundamental to the way we conduct business. Generation Health is sensitive to privacy issues and treats very seriously the ongoing trust our clients have placed in us.


At service commencement Generation Health shall ensure that you are aware of and have access to our Privacy Statement which explains how we collect, hold, store and share your personal information.

In some instances signature consent will be sought prior to proceeding with a service and held on your file as a record of your informed consent. In other instances, such as for transactional, consent is implied by you participating in the service. You may withhold consent, however in many instances this will prevent us from providing you a service.


The information collected and held by Generation Health may include:

  • Your personal details including but not limited to name, address, contact information, next of kin, and date of birth.
  • Health reports and records including but not limited to certificates of capacity, investigation results, assessment findings, rehabilitation reports and including contact information for health providers.
  • Information from an insurer and/or employers relevant to the service we have been engaged to deliver, such as claim number, current benefit amount, injury type and date of injury.
  • Your employment history including but not limited to details of skills, abilities, training undertaken, past and current employer details, as well as languages spoken, literacy and numeracy if relevant to the service being delivered.
  • Photographic images of you if necessary or beneficial for inclusion in reports.


Generation Health will collect information from those parties indicated above in a variety of ways including but not limited to via referral form, receipt of reports or records, written or email correspondence, via discussion with you, your employer or nominated health professionals.

Records of all information obtained will be stored electronically within your secure client file. Access to the case record database is restricted via password and further restricted by role specific permission levels based on the need to know principle. Generation Health staff are not permitted to access information for which they have no need to know.


Generation Health will endeavour to only collect and hold personal information that is necessary, or related to the, services to which they are providing. We require this information to conduct assessments, write reports and guide our recommendations around service delivery. This information ensures that our service recommendations and delivery is matched to your specific needs.

Our services are collaborative in nature and we may need to exchange personal information with other parties, including doctors, treatment providers, employers and insurers. These parties are relying on our objective assessment information to make decisions matched to your specific needs. For example we may present an explanation of suitable duties to your doctor so that she can comment on your capacity to engage with these.

Generation Health is required to disclose information in accordance with Australian legislation, regulatory requirements and customer agreements. Your record may be subject to subpoena.

Generation Health do not disclose information to overseas entities.


You are entitled to seek access, or request correction, to your information. If you would like to access or revise your personal information contact your Consultant or send a request via email to Generation Health will aim to respond to requests for access, or correction of personal information, within 14 business days. Information will be provided to you in the manner that you have requested providing this is reasonable. In some instances there may be charges, including requirement for prepayment, associated with the reproduction or supply of information. This will be clearly communicated to you before we proceed.

In some instances it may not be possible to provide complete access to your file, including where granting the request would have an unreasonable impact on the privacy of others or pose a serious threat to the health or life of any individual.


Within the context of rehabilitation services providing information anonymously is usually not a practicable option. Outside this context (eg. in instances of making a complaint) an individual may request to remain anonymous or operate under a pseudonym, and the Designated Privacy Officer will endeavour to honour this request as far as it is practicable and lawful to do so.

Generation Health are committed to protecting client information. However, should a client or other stakeholder wish to complain about a privacy concern, they can do so by one of the following means:

  1. contacting the case-specific Consultant or their Manager
  2. emailing
  3. calling 1300 622 734

Privacy complaints will be investigated according to the stakeholder feedback procedure. The complainant will be notified of the outcome of the investigation.

For matters relating to privacy, clients are instructed to visit Office of Australian Information Commissioner’s website: