How will you help me?

We help you by meeting with you and listening to you so that we fully understand your needs. We collaborate with you to help you identify your own realistic recovery and work goals. Then we work with you, in partnership with the TAC and your treating health professionals, to achieve your goals and get your life back on track. This might mean:

– Working with you to address your emotional, physical and employment needs after your accident.

– Working with you, your employer and your treating health professionals to develop a graded plan with identified modified duties to suit your needs.

– Recommending and arranging workplace equipment or modifications to enable you to safely return to work.

– Assisting your employer to accommodate your needs.

– Working with you to identify your skills and abilities in order to seek new employment.

– Supporting you through retraining and job search activities.

– Supporting you to build your work capacity from a physical, emotional and educational standpoint.